Building Survey Extension Plans Canvey common question flood risk assessment

Building Survey Extension Plans Canvey Common Question flood risk assessment

Building Survey Extension Plans Canvey : We carry out quite a few pre house purchase home full building surveys in Canvey Island.

Our customers often ask :

  •  would they need to produce a flood risk assessment when looking to carry out an extension to their home in Canvey Island?

This also comes up with our Architectural Design planning and building regulation customers.

The Castlepoint Council website, makes it quite clear that :

  • Domestic residential extensions in Canvey do not require a flood risk assessment,  however small scale developments such as complete new build houses or Larger developments would need an assessment to be made at planning stage.

Below is the link for this information at source from the Castlepoint council website :

This is good news as domestic residential extensions are often carried out due to necessity rather than financial gain in a developer sense.

As flood risk assessments take time to produce and would normally impose flood resilience measures over and above what one might expect for a normal extension if they were to be required this would just add to the cost.

It is therefore good to see that a sensible approach has been taken by the powers that be on Canvey Island domestic extensions.

If you are thinking of moving to Canvey Island or are moving within the island and are interested in our services for a building survey before buying please give us a call on 01268 856154 to discuss.

It is adviseable not to rely purely on a mortgage valuation as the mortgage valuer focus is ofter simply verifying raw asset value and therefore a building survey is advisable to pick up any building related issues there may be prior to purchase.

Also below is an internal link for our drawing services should you be planning an extension on your Canvey island property (Or any other property you have) : (Click the heading below)

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