Mikes New Architectural ART DECO style

We’ve enclosed a link of an architectural style we are developing here at MBrebner Architectural Design and Building Surveyors just really to show our 3D presentation capability which could be of interest to people requiring planning drawings and those who would like to see their ideas in 3D to get a better idea of the finished project

We thought this could be of interest as:

– It can be particularly useful in situations where fairly complex schemes require a committee hearing.

– It forms something very visual and easy to understand for projection onto the screens.

Here is the link : View the art deco design >

We can also do plot layout representations in 3D showing the modelled building in context with the street scene.


“In my opinion a good concept which might also work for commercial buildings or public libraries.”

Trevor Dulake

“Like the style Mike, I might borrow the vertical emphasis combined with curves hope you don’t mind.”

Heston Renway