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Neighbour Consultation Scheme (Prior Approval) PD Permitted Development for Extensions

Neighbour Consultation Scheme (Prior Approval) PD Permitted Development for Extensions : What Are the Pro’s and Cons? The Government within the permitted development rules allows for extensions to be brought out further than the usual normal PD limits under what

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Our preferred customers and jobs

What are our preferred customers and jobs? We felt we needed to do this post to clarify, as our website does show all of the different services we are capable of and this might be confusing to some potential clients

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Single storey extension using PD rights : What are the parameters?

As part of our info shorts series on youtube, we have produced this short video which goes over the parameters of the rules for a single storey extension under PD. Disclaimer : This video is not a formal consulatation and

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Can I do an extension under PD? Don’t just assume you can.

If you are thinking of doing an extension under PD rights, there are a few things you need to consider first i.e. don’t just assume you can use PD. Please see our short youtube video and description (on youtube) which

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Stair position a key pre loft conversion consideration.

#short After working out that you have sufficient headroom for a decent conversion which would result in a good floor to ceiling height you are happy with and rationalising out that a loft conversion would be financially viable for you,

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Loft Conversion Headroom? Do I have enough for a conversion?

In this short info video below, Mike gives you a quick rough and ready method to work out whether the loft conversion headroom would leave you with a potential maximum floor to ceiling height in the loft that might be

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Roughly How Much does a Loft Conversion Cost in UK? Ball Park Figure?

How much roughly does a loft conversion cost? Mike tries to give you a method to get a rough ball park figure together in the video below. Take a look and please click like if its helpful to you.

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Roughly how much for a basic house extension in Essex UK these days?

Mike attempts to give a way to derive a rough ball park figure in this video short. Its very rough and ready but should get you in the ball park. Please read Disclaimer below before watching video. Disclaimer  : This

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I have a valuation report , why do i need a Building Survey as well?#Short

I have already had a valuation survey, which is a kind of survey right? Why would I need another independent building survey? This is a question that sometimes pops into peoples minds when they are looking to save money in

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What Do Building Surveyors Do? Job-Seeker Overview

What Do Building Surveyors Do? This question came up on Youtube Searches. Mike attempts to anwer it on this short video which we have tried to gear towards job seekers, so if you are thinking of a career in Building

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