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Case study Large Rear Extension,Side infill, Internal Alterations and Re-forming an Existing Ensuite In Rayleigh Essex.

An Interesting job we’ve been working on based in Rayleigh Essex involving : Removal of an existing boiler out-building Creation of a rear extension Infilling a recessed patio area at side over which the original roof oversails Many internal room

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The Benefits of Using a Local Building Surveyor for Your Property Purchase

The Benefits: Purchasing a property is an exciting life step, but it can also be a stressful one. There are endless amounts of paperwork, financial decisions to be made, and a multitude of tests to ensure that the property is

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Why a professional building survey is crucial for your property

Building Survey : Introduction: A building survey plays a vital role in assessing the condition and potential issues of a property before making a purchase. This article provides an in-depth understanding of professional building surveys and highlights their significance for

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Latest Changes in UK Building Regulations

Latest Changes in UK Building Regulations If you’re planning to build or renovate a property in the UK, it’s essential that you understand the country’s building regulations. These regulations are designed to ensure that all new and existing buildings are

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Only 20% of home purchasers having professional building surveys?

Only 20% of home purchasers having professional building surveys? This is pennywise pound unwise in the worst way in my opinion and here’s why I think this. Because of what was going on in the economy and the housing market

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Neighbour Consultation Scheme (Prior Approval) PD Permitted Development for Extensions

Neighbour Consultation Scheme (Prior Approval) PD Permitted Development for Extensions : What Are the Pro’s and Cons? The Government within the permitted development rules allows for extensions to be brought out further than the usual normal PD limits under what

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Our preferred customers and jobs

What are our preferred customers and jobs? We felt we needed to do this post to clarify, as our website does show all of the different services we are capable of and this might be confusing to some potential clients

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Single storey extension using PD rights : What are the parameters?

As part of our info shorts series on youtube, we have produced this short video which goes over the parameters of the rules for a single storey extension under PD. Disclaimer : This video is not a formal consulatation and

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Can I do an extension under PD? Don’t just assume you can.

If you are thinking of doing an extension under PD rights, there are a few things you need to consider first i.e. don’t just assume you can use PD. Please see our short youtube video and description (on youtube) which

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Stair position a key pre loft conversion consideration.

#short After working out that you have sufficient headroom for a decent conversion which would result in a good floor to ceiling height you are happy with and rationalising out that a loft conversion would be financially viable for you,

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