Schedules Of Condition and Dilapidation


If you aquire a lease of business premises you may find that you have accepted a repairing liability meaning that you have to leave the property in better condition than it was at the start of the lease.

It is neccesary to have a professionally prepared schedule detailing the condition of the element of the accommodation to avoid liability of having to put the premises back into a better condition than what it was in at the start of the lease.


Schedule of dilapidation is a complicated one as the surveyors can be used to support either the tenant, or the landlord, depending on the circumstances.

A final schedule of dilapidations will indentify items of disrepair to be made good by the tenant in order to protect the asset value to the landlord at the expiration of the lease. Where the tenant has not complied with his repairing obligations, the schedule can often form the basis of a financial claim by the landlord.

MBrebner Architectural Design and Building Surveyors will be able to carry out Schedules of Dilapidation Reports, offering professional advice tailored to protect the client’s interest, whether they are a landlord or a tenant.

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