Recent interesting pub building survey

Recent Interesting Pub Building Survey : Pub in Essex (Near London)

We recently carried out a pre purchase pub building survey for a pub in Chigwell Essex.

This was interesting in that it was timber framed to the original areas which dated back to approx. 1880’s

We found that the external ground levels had been built up over the years, due to resurfacing of pavements and roads which eventually led to the external ground level being level with the airbricks.

This allowed water to ingress directly into the suspended timber sub-floor void during bouts of heavy rain.

We recommended specialist spray treatment for dry rot to the floor joists and a membrane tanking type solution and dpc injection.

The airbricks would need to be raised in level and periscope ducted into the void.

We are able to survey pubs, offices and other commercial premises and give practical advice on overcoming the issues we find.

The image in the panel shows the ingress under the floor.

We have avoided revealing the pubs identity in the photo to keep it anonymous.

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