Bungalow to House Conversion Project in Benfleet

Today were going to take a brief look at a bungalow to house conversion project we designed for planning and building regulations purposes in Benfleet Essex SS7.

Whats a bungalow to house conversion you might ask ?

These are sometimes referred to as upward extensions and involve adding an additional storey to an existing bungalow to form a house.

Here are before and afters of an example project we designed hopefully to give you an idea of what can be achieved.

Befores :

The subject bingalow above, is the small white bungalow with Art Deco style accenting on the external corners.

Afters :

When can these types of projects be successful planning wise ?

A typical scenario where an upward extension might be successful planning wise ,is where you have a relatively low bungalow dwarved by much higher buildings such as houses , flats or shops on either side.

Why consider this if you have a bungalow ?

This approach can prove a relatively cost effective house build if the existing footings are suitable and underpinning is not required for the weight of an additional storey.

When this is the case, the build costs of building a house are significantly reduced due to foundations and drainage and other infrastructure already being in place.

The benefit is that the floor area is effectively doubled.


Hope you enjoyed and this gave you some potential project ideas if you are a bungalow owner

Thanks for your time in reading this case study.