Neighbour Consultation Scheme (Prior Approval) PD Permitted Development for Extensions

Neighbour Consultation Scheme (Prior Approval) PD Permitted Development for Extensions : What Are the Pro’s and Cons?

The Government within the permitted development rules allows for extensions to be brought out further than the usual normal PD limits under what is commonly referred to as the neighbour consultation scheme (Now seems officially changed to the term Prior Approval) , as long as certain protocols are followed.

The ‘prior approval’ process applies only to single-storey rear extensions.

Potentially allowing for extending beyond the rear wall of the original house by:

  • over four and up to eight metres for detached houses and
  • over three and up to six metres for all other houses

There are pro’s and con’s associated with this approach however which you ought to be made aware of.

Pro’s :

  • Potentially can allow you to extend out further than normal PD rules allow but still under Permitted Development. (Subject to your neighbours all around the property agreeing that the works are reasonable in their view with no objections)

Con’s :

  • The consultation itself to the neighbours is taken control of by the Local Authority Planning department, placing the council in control of the process. If any neighbour objects to use of the extended PD limits, the proposal can be disallowed and deemed to be unlawful, much in the same way a rejected formal planning application can be rejected.
  • If this happens it can set a precedent which might be difficult to overcome, say for example if you then decided to formally apply for the same project under a normal planning application, as the PD neighbour consultation rejection would become a material fact on the property information held at the council.

As you can see this is something of a double edged sword.

  • If intending to utilise these extended limits, it would seem prudent to sound out your neighbours all around the property as to their views and whether they would find your proposal acceptable before going down this route, perhaps in a friendly way over a cup of coffee / wine / beer.

Further information about these extended PD limits/ parameters can be seen on the governments planning portal website and here is the link below :

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